Lipoma in body

Is arogyawardhini vati kachnar google vradhi vardhni vati is solution of lipoma?

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Kanchanara guggul may help. But not aarogya vardhini vati. Better use guggulu tiktakam kashayam/ghritam in lipoma

Arogya vardhini also is good choice because it contains 3katu,triphala...and shilajithu is main content can be given in increases sthanika or dhatugatha agni ....

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Definately No...

Will work

Valuable opinion.

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Depends on the size and number of lipoma .. And these formulations gives best result after shodhana (vamana/virechana). Or if the size is bigger then excision of lipoma is best option .

Aarogyavardhini vati alongwith kukkutnakhi guggulu 2BD atleast for 3 months initially start showing the results depends on the prakriti of patient too

Kanchnar guggul 1bd, Kaisor guggul ,1bd, Sutsekhar 1bd,Arogyavardhani bati 1bd n Apply Mahamarichyadi tail abhyanga about 3months.

Dear Dr. M. Shameem Akhtar Khan Sir, I agree with you. I would like to add Tab. Kaishor Guggulu 1 tds.

Not always.. Only take Ayurvedic medicine under the supervision of Ayurvedic Physician.

Yeah it give results some time, after long time use...

May be but thuja is best result given

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