Is CRP high in ASYMPTOMATIC covid patients ?

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Elevated CRP is indicative of any inflammatory lesion caused. In Covid 19 elevation is one of the findings in view of cellular reaction against corona virus attack. Check for other investigations.

It can be high but the patient might not have any symptoms COVID has multiorgan involvement some of which do not elicit any symptoms that make a patient observe It can be the ongoing inflammation that gives rise to high CRP without any much significant issue This should be further investigated. Repeat inflammatory markers after 72hrs and look at the trend

Yes crp is raised pt is asymptomatic I will post a case

Thank you doctor

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CRP is inflammatory marker . Usually it is reflective of degree of inflammatory response . So higher the CRP , more severe symptoms.

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Tnx &wc Dr Farwah

CRP generally is normal in asymptomatic pt sometimes it is slightly raised from normal values of 0 to 6

In inflammatory condition CRP raised and in COBID-19 too. So for confirmation ask for RT-PCR

Mostly no

Yes it can be. Inflammation can be present in other organs without showing the symptoms. So further Ix should be done.

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