painless vaccine

Is EFFICACY of painless (DTaP) and painful (DTwP) vaccine same???

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Rise in reported pertussis cases began soon after the introduction of acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP) having B. pertussis antigens instead of whole cells. For example, highest number of pertussis cases from California outbreaks in 2010 and 2014 were infants. However, the second largest category was the older children and adolescents having average age of 10 yr (2010) and 14–16 yr (2014), which indicates waning immunity among older children and adolescents. All of them received acellular pertussis vaccines. Decreased immunogenicity of acellular pertussis vaccine, need to be considered, as it may need booster doses to enhance protection

Efficacy of both same but slightly difference in pain is there but not to the extent of worry. Companies manufacturing vaccine keep all aspects in mind and there R and D department adress all issues before marketing .

Yes difference Dtwp use selected acellular Pertussis otherwise same

Almost same. But pain matters!!!

Definitely same.

Efficacy is same

Efficacy is is just a pain part that is taken care of by giving acellular pertussis.

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