Is it necessary for everyone to take hydroxychloroquine , vit c and zinc for prophylaxis of covid 1



Hydroxychloroquin can cause QT interval prolongation therefore it should be used carefully Particularly, need to be careful in patients with Ischaemic heart disease Heart failure Arrythmia Already on medication which cause QT interval prolongation such as antipsychotic medication Multivitamin supplement can be taken by everyone

Ofcourse yes to health care workers as per ICMR. Only avoid in those who has cardiac problems in present or past. Better to get ECG done prior to HCQS prophylaxis.

I don't think so Health workers exposed to covid19 patients may take this prophylaxis Those working in covid19 hospitals wards ICU or in OPD.

Thanx dr Ramesh Kumar Singh

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Asper Government guide line Hydroxychloroquine should be taken to health worriers is necessary to all health professional working in hospitals and in covid 19 wards and asymtomatic came in contact with covid 19 pt or pt having travelled foreign country. Prophylaxis dose-HCQ400mg 1bd -st day Hcq 200mg 1bd �4days.vitc and zinc are immunobooster taken daily.

No , everyone should not take hcq for prophylaxis except health worker in direct contact with positive cases. Moreover its not going to end soon so its not good think to take hcq for so long time without high risk for contact as it will have only bad effects is limted to health workers in close contact with corona cases. And for asymptomatic contacts of covid positive patients Dose HCQ 400 mg 1-0-1 on day 1 Then for the next seven weeks 400 mg once a time

As per GOI instructions HCQ used as prophylaxis by health care provider. And vit C and zine is necessary for everyone as nutrient and immunity purpose.

Health workers, contacts to suspected or COVID cases have been advised such prophylaxis

No need to risk your heart.

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