Is it possible in corona patient, dyspnea with normal SPO2??.

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Everything is possible in covid 19 patients. But usually happy hypoxia is observed, where patient's spo2 is low without dyspnea.

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Patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are described as exhibiting oxygen levels incompatible with life without dyspnea. The pairing—dubbed happy hypoxia but more precisely termed silent hypoxemia—is especially bewildering to physicians and is considered as defying basic biology.

Yes. It is possible...

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Yes possible

Thank you doctor

Asymptomatic covid with out any known parameters.

How can be dyspnea with normal SPO2.

Yes,possible .Asymptomatic COVID 19 positive . Every thing is normal.

Yes.. It happens in many patient but they are vulnerable,sometimes sudden hypoxia occur in that patients..

Normal spo2 has no dysnoea in covid 19 patient

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