Migraine Prevention

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Yes combination is ok But you must consider the pharmacology of both drugs Like beta blocker are contraindicate in asthma, diabetes, cardiac disease while, sleep disturbance, TCA is contraindicated in various different condition like old age, high BMI, as it can cause dryness of mouth, weight gain and othe sedation as side effects Must individualise you prescription as per patient profile better to avoid prescribing combination (single pill containing both drugs)

Although both are used in preventing episodes,but there has been no contraindications of combined therapy as far i have seen in literature

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Combinations of TCAs, particularly amitriptyline, with beta blockers is a very practical way of treating patients with frequent headache, particularly those associated with depression, stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. In case can use Tab.sodium valporate.

The beta-blocker propranolol also is FDA-approved as a preventive agent for migraines. Long-acting oral propranolol (Inderal), for example, is very useful in combination with the tricyclic antidepressant amitriptyline

This combination is not in contradiction and used popularly

Thanx dr Ajeet Pal Singh

Yes you can use It is very popular combination for migraine

B- blockers c antidepressants is good for migraine..

Thank you sir..

Yes best combination

@most of migraine are psychological you can judge clinically or rule out organic cause if any.and let pt.be treated by clinical PSYCOLOGIST sexologist HYPNOTHERAPIST.

Plz get your facts clear, migraine is well established entity. CGRP receptor and therapy based on these are landmark work in recent time. If you consider psychological condition don't call/labelled them as migraine All though any physician who are well aware about pathophysiology and treatment can treat this condition in India. But this entity comes under preview of Neurology.

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Yes , u can go with this combination . Good chouce1

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