Is it Vidradhi?

39 year old female patient developed this kind of lesion over the left knee joint since 7-8 days. Came with the Complaints of Pain Swelling and Difficulty in walking, observing fever since last night. Prakriti Pitta Vataja Kostha Madhyama Agni Teevra Bala Uttama Nindra Samanya Mala Mutra Pravratti Samanya Not having any history of DM/HTN BP 120/80 Please help in diagnosing this case and share the line of treatment. I have started with Jatyadi Ghrita and Seka for 2 days



Tab septilline 2/Bd Syrp Blood purifier (Raktha suthi) 10ml/TDA Tab Turmeric 1/TDS Follow 10days

Seems like abcess. If there is any collection then I&D with symptomatic treatment.

S n15 Mg tablet dolonex DT tab.phexin.500 Mg cap sofinox.cream

Rx Hepar sulph 1m/3dose Ars.alb.30/tds

Infection , Injury?

may be it is a case of boil or any injury ? Bella in initial stage...if pus formed thn Heparsulph, mec sol like medicines can be given if healing delayed thn sil can work....

Clear-cut can't find out sir due to poor visualization might be it is...

If any collection of pus removed it when in पक्व अवस्था पित्तज विद्रधि Line of treatment Keshor gugglu tablet Mahamanjisthaadi kwath Gandhak rasayan apply on it externally

Consider kledadusti and treat accordingly. 1.Nimbadi Kashayam-15ml +Suddha/Kaisora guggulu-1gm + honey twice daily. 2.Trivanga Bhasma-125 mg twice daily with honey.

boils.... I & D....with betadine 10% Dressing then start... Gandhak rasayan Aarogyavrdhini. vati syp. Purodil 10. ml. bd....

ये क्रोष्टुक शीर्ष रोग है जिसे इंग्लिश में sinoarthritis of knee joint कहते है, कैसोर गूगल,अम्रता गूगल , दशांग लैप करे

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