Is peyronie's disease is self limitig or not?



Peyronie's disease is caused by repeated penile injury, typically during sex or physical activity.. Most cases develop slowly, after no clear injury. Peyronie disease causes changes in the way an erection looks, pain when the penis is erect, and trouble with sexual penetration. ... Peyronie disease often happens in a mild form that heals on its own in 6 to 15 months. There is no cure for Peyronie disease.

Peyronie"s disease is not self limiting . The fibrotic plaque formed of old trivial injury or repeated injury will persist . No definitive treatment

Promise"S disease is not self limiting. Repeated trivial injury may persist to form fibrotic plaque. No treatment available.. Precautions and counciling required.

Thanks Dr Parveen Yograj

Peyronie's disease is not self limiting It persist for life time

Yes it persists for lifetime is not a self limiting ds

Peyronie's disease is a self limited condition