Is stevia regulate blood sugar ??any experience plz share it


low-calorie synthetic sweeteners, stevia is quite safe, non-toxic and non-mutagenic; also, it is 200-times sweeter than the regular sugar (sucrose) and calorie-free.

Stevia is low calorie sugar that acts as anti-diabetic and anti oxidant. Approved by U.S. It can regulate blood sugar,lowers plasma blood sugar levels..

Stevia has 0%calorie only sweetness. So no effort on blood sugar levels . It can regulate blood sugar

Yes of course. It's best substitute for aspartame.

Glyherb pauch सुबह शाम भूखे पेट

Stevia is sugar substitutes for DM PATIENT..

@Dr. M. Shameem Akhtar Khan stevia doesn't actually give significant results and moreover over using of artificial sweeteners damages liver and non sugary beverages or food items is just a hype for money,instead of stevia pt can alter diet habits

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