Is there any tab or injection for stopping of menstruation period at age of 53

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Dear Dr, one must carefully evaluate such patient, just caesation of menstruation shouldn't be the management. First find out what was the pattern of bleeding, menstruation continued every month or she had amenorrhea in between. One must rule out CA cervix, CA endometrium in abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Some extended cycle pill regimens have active harmones pills every day for there months. Followed by a week of placebo or low dose estrogen pills. Newer extended cycle regimens involve taking active pills continuously for one year and can stop all menstrual bleeding.

Respected Dr ,what would be rational of taking hormonal pills at the age of 53 for caessation of menstruation??

Age 53 !!menstruation!!! Its not....postmenopausal age...

Why given tab or injection for stopping menstruation at the age of 53, it's menopause age, it's stop self

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