Is this COVID-19 case?

Patient in early 50s who has a history of SARS when it was going round. Presents with shortness of breath, oxygen saturation in high 80s despite no chronic pulmonary disease. The patient seems to be coping well, but when do you decide to proceed to intubation assuming this is COVID-19? Watch and observe until they begin to deteriorate, or intubate while still well?



Should be intubated while still well Yes he is in ARDS As xray chest is suggestive of ggos bilateral pneumonitis covid19

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Prominent Brocho Vascular markings. More of streaky interstitial infiltrates with basal fluffy patchy peumonitis. Radiologically indicative of LRTI. Pls note : covid features vary in a spectrum of early LRTI to diffuse opacification of lung fields. Hence serial repetition of CXR should be the dictum.

SPO2 less than normal, requiring increasing concentrations of nasal O2, to keep up the SPO2 , clinical deterioration in patients condition, in a patient with or without COVID positivity, can be taken as indications for need to intubate .

Gross pneumonitis bilateral with pulmonary oedema with mild consolidation of lt lower zone.causing respiratory distress Pt shoul be with life support like ventilation with oxygen

As it’s SARS ??Covid-19c O2 saturation low, Ground glass appearance in x-ray, don’t wait..... Intubation is better

Tq.Dr.Shivraj agrawal sir

COVID-19 pneumonia having less SPO2 Intubation to provide oxygen with other measures of treatment

Diffuse patchy infiltration both lungs Dilated mediastenum ? Covid pneumonia

* B/ L.. PNEUMONITIS.. ? SARI .. ARDS .. ? COVID-19 ..

Tnx Dr Shivraj Agarwal sir

B/L Pneumonitis ARDS COVID infection

Pt is in ARDS and bilateral pneumonitis suggestive of covid19 pt should be kept on noninvasive method to maintain oxygen saturation if be intubate the pt it require GA once the effect of GA is over pt thrown out intubate tube so it is necessary to keep the pt on continous GA drip such pt generally not recover

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