Is this COVID-19 Patient?

COVID-19?? 68 year old male with no significant past medical history or surgical history. Presented with shortness of breath, and chest pain. In the emergency department, the patient has a saturation of 79% on room air and is in Moderat respiratory distress. It requires 10 L of nasal oxygen high flow to obtain 93% oxygen saturation. The patient is also febrile to 101°F. Social history: non-smoker, non-drinker. Surgical history: no surgical history. What do you say about the case?



Aortic knuckle calcification seen. Peripherally placed densed and confluent shadows seen. Needs to compare previous cxrays. Either klebsiella pneumonia. Adv Sputum examination and throat swab for influenza typing. Adv Echo CD. CBC, creat, ABG. Medical management accordingly.

Ground glass floppy haziness or opacities bilateral in peripheral lung fields with calcified arch of aorta and cardiomegaly Bilateral pulmonary pneumonitis with pulmonary oedema Covid19 /ARDS

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Shortness of breath, chest pain, febrile 101°f Saturation 79% ,non smoker non alcoholic Ground glass haziness rt middle and left lower half with cardiomegaly Suggests ARDS ?COVID-19

Thanks Dr. Mrinal Kantil Pal, Dr. A Dutta

Check RT PCR. There are no specific signs in chest x ray in early COVID at least. CT chest would help. And of course is there any history of contact with COVID? Let us fulfill the criteria here or lots on non COVID patients will be badly treated

Definitely Covid + As elderly pt Shortness of breath Fever Decrease O2 saturation even with nasal O2 ( I mean 93% with O2)

COPD, emphysema Bilateral bronchopneumonia ? Right Subpulmonic effusion ? COVID 19 pneumonia It will be tempting to treat all such cases as COVID , but it can be due other bacterial infections also . Unless RT PCR comes as positive, these case should be treated with combination of Azithromycin, doxycycline +- meropenem in addition to ventilator support .

Bilateral glassy patches. X ray also reveals calcific aortic is covid. Pl get HRCT chest.the ct score must be almost 25. The pt needs thorough hematological evaluation with coagulation parameters. He needs LMWH aspirin & covid antiviral therapy

Aortic knuckle is calcified . There is diffuse haziness of both lungs both lower zone and these signs suggestive of pulmonary oedema causing acute respiratory distress may be case of due to COVID 19.

Good inspiration Good exposure No rotation Soft tissues and bones normal Airways and aortic knuckle normal Bilateral peripheral haziness with ground glossing in upper middle and lower zones Heart position size borders and shape normal Prominent pulmonary vein on right Ground glass fluffy infiltrates in upper middle and lower lobes on right And lingular segments and lower lobes of left lung Diaphragm normal Gastric bubble not seen Leads at v1 brand rt arm Zoom 1.21 Rotation 40 degrees 80 percent probability Atypical viral pneumonia Strongmmune 1 od Okay Oxygen therapy and water therapy 40 %vibrations 80 %prakriti Rest and vymada 100 6 was If dm sgrlt3 Pin attached to wires wires uptown by the side weather cloudy chances of partly sunny windy sand storm and fw lightning

B/l Bronchopneumonia Need PCR and CT chest to exclude covid 19

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