Is this Herpes infection

Diagnosis ?




Next time give long shot and close shot. Give some relevant history. I am guessing here to help you, I may be wrong, if it's back of neck, nonvesicular, papular or postular thick lesions, patient with a bulky build, it may be acne keloidalis nuchae . It is not herpes for sure from he pic. And doctor, if you are asking for herpes as differential diagnosis, don't you think more area should have been covered in the pic?

History? Kindly post clear picture and details so that we can examine it clearly. Thanks

I guess No.... @Rafiqul Islam sir please guide us

Acne keloidalis nuchae

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Agree with Dr. Pankaj Darji sir

I think it's herpes

Kindly take a long shot pic also. Cannot make out which area clearly. Is it back of neck, scalp margin?

Picture not clear. Kindly clarify which part of body. Also other general and concomitant symptoms.

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Spot Picture Since Diagnosis For Women Herpes Zoster.

Clarify the body part and send clear picture and give some relevant history of patient

Could be Herpes infection due to a bunch of infection .Other symptoms unknown.!

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