Is this hypertrophic lichen planus?

After 3 weeks of treatment on - Topisal 6% Wysolone DT 10mg BD, Evion 400mg BD Patient lesions are still the same, check attached case below



Clinical provisional diagnosis : Lichen simplex chronicus (LSC)- also known as Neurodermatitis Circumscripta Lichen Simplex Chronicus is not a primary disease. The primary disease may be  eczema or psoriasis etc. Lichen Simplex Chronicus usually improves with treatment with local steroid and antihistamines.

Oral steroid is worth avoiding in such cases. However presence of patchy depigmentation and not responding to local steroid, it is worth doing skin biopsy to get diagnosis of primary skin disease. It will help to exclude possibility-however remote-to exclude Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Mycosis Fungoides. Thank you.

Hypertrophied keratoderma Local inj kenacort Lobate-s oint twice daily Tab fexofenadine180mg 1od Sos oral steroids Avoid any footwear irritants

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain sir

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D/D Eczematous dermatitis Lichen planus hypertrophicus

Keratoderma Keratolytic agents Nutrition Glycemic control

Irritatant eczematous dermatitis Tab. Zamflex Tab. Alvita Cream. Wanita

Dx-lichen simplex chronicus The cause is autoimmune in nature. Rx-1-c-sora skin oint locally bd. 2-cortaryl cream locally bd. 3-Tab fexofenidin 120mg 1of 4-Tab becomplex 1od ×30days.

Right line of treatment . Steroid orally and topically.. Moisturizer.

Ecxematous dermatitis LP

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