Isolated systolic hypertension?

Chief Complaint A 66-year-old female sometimes complains of headache and slight lightheadedness. Bp 135/63mmhg, 3 days before Bp was 137/70mmhg. She is constantly having bp in the similar range with high systolic and low diastolic pressure for the past 2 weeks. Is it Isolated systolic hypertension? History She is not diabetic, but not sure about the thyroid function. She sometimes has raised uric acid. Medication - She is taking Vit B complex, CCM, multivitamin, Febuxostate, Voveran sr, and Urimax. Management What do you advise?


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Needs further investigation and evaluation and line of treatment. Expert opinion of cardiologist will be must. Till reports complied. Continue treatment.

Thanks Dr Narendra kumar

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Refer to her cardiologist for better treatment options.

Thanks Dr Askok Leel Sir

Still wait and watch..if increase ?hydrochlorothizide od

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