It is a case large inguinal hernia can we go for laproscopy in this case or open surgery



Dear friends i do agree the most reliable and assured surgery is mash hernioplasty open with orchidectomy but as pt is young and reducible hernia we undergone lap henioplasty as insisted by pt i only want to highlight that now with avability of good inlay mash you can even cover large defect by laroscopic hernioplasty thx for showing your interest

Either open or lap. Hernia repair it requires a redivac drain for a good descsection has to be done to free struuctures from sac.

Large inguino scrotal hernia with large defect, it is advisable to go for open surgery for the better result.

@dr rao this is not a case of hydrocele it is rt inguinal hernia extends to scrotum reducible

Depends on the reducibility. If reducible, lap can be performed.

Open surgery ideal indirect inguinoscrotal hernai laproscopic possible

Advised surgery.

Open surgery

Lap is possible even its strangulated During surgery non dilated intestine is grasped and should be reduced, toxic fluid is sucked

@it seems like hydrocele not hernia..please examine for cough impulse and reducibility.Swelling is extending from scrotum and not from inguinal region

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