itching and painful defecation

34/y/o with itching and pain in anus since 2 weeks. Also associated complain of Painful defecation. No H/O any systemic diseases On Examination Inflammation around anal verge No pile mass or sentinel tags seen No fissure Appetite normal Thirst increased Prakriti pitta kapha Agni madhyam




1. shivashar churna /hingvastak churna 1tsf with pure ghee with meal (pratham grass ke saath) 2. cap.cytozen 2bd. after meal 3. tab. arogyavardhani vati 2 bd 4.castor oil 20 ml HS with luke warm milk/water. Changes in Life style & food habit is necessary. Follow diet according to Dr.SooD sir. and give him Yog basti.

Advise for Sitz Bath Twice in a Day Punarnavadi Guggulu 2 tab BD Triphala Guggulu 1 tab BD Avipattikar Churna 1tsf at bed time with luke warm water Advise to drink adequate quantity of water Must add Fruits in diet

For any anorectal complain first of all go for per rectal digital examination. Next evaluate if any evidence of bleeding or growth is not there on examination then inflammation of anal orifice or fissure may be the cause. Inflammation of anal orifice may occur due to poor hygiene and there may be bacterial or fungal infection due to this. Next advise for sitz bath with Ayurvedic kashaya dravyas in Luke warm water Orally target should be to make stools soft so that pain may not increase on defecation, so panchsakar churna with arogyavardhani vati can be given. Anti inflammatory and analgesics for pain should be given like aceclofenac/diclofenac. Ointment for local application like metrogyl-P for anaerobic coverage must be applied after sitz bath. A short course of antibiotic or antifungal may be given after clinical judgement of recovery. Sometimes just local care, stool softeners and hygiene can improve patient significantly.

Advise Cap.Normaxin bid for 5 days Tab.Refagut 400 mg bid for 5 days Tab.Albendazole 400mg start. Creama gel for anus application. Advice sitz bath 2 times a day Syp.Cremaffin 10ml bid with a glass of water.

Sulphur 1m

Rx Collinsonia.

Rx Aesculus Hippocastanum ?

Asculus , sulp , mp like medicine can work in such type ok cases


Triphala qwath sitz bath Triphala guggulu Arsh kuthar ras Pilex cream Avipittakar churn

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