Itching & burning since last 2 year Recurrent complain All over body

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guttate and classical psoriasis,clobetasol,or halovate,salisylic acid,moisturizer with urea+lactic acid,calciptrol(vit.d3analouge.methotrexate 7.5 mg every sat& sun

plaque psoriasis on back & guttate psoriasis on knee. lessons appear flared. Rx local steroids, emollients & moisturisers. syst. antihistamines

chronic plaque psoriasis. do investigations and start on methotrexate. topically emollients.

potent psoriasis

need to meropenem IV every 8 hrs for alternative day for 7 to 8 weeks .along with augmentin Bd for 7 days after OD regularly for 8 weeks .then short time steroid along with becosules tid continue .....definitely results will come soon.

Psoriasis, rule out diabetes.

psoriasis. potent topical steroids,emollients and methotrexate .if possible even phototherapy with UVA can be considered


psoriasis vulgaris Rx...Mtx 7.5mg weekly with folic acid emmolients, topical steroids with salicylic acid topical use


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