itching with burning sensation on face nose 1 year patient other side treat continue but no relief 30 year old men plz Suggest Dx and Rx



This is just my observation and inference. If u zoom the pic, and concentrate an the nasolabial fold on the affected side as well as root of the nose close to medial side of eye bow of that side, a fine scale that appears somewhat geesy. The sites are favourable and so it is inferred that the diagnosis is " seborrhic dermatitis.l cases sometimes would involve, the eye brows, eye lashes, and scalp hair eyelashes as well as retro auticular region etc. The mention of these unseen lesions is to look at these sites when in cases of clinical suspecion and it might or might no be helpful, either way sinificant.

Seborrheic Dermatitis characteristic involvement of the face with scaling,erytyema of the nasolabial folds is suggestive. Rx topical antifungal cream and shampoo topical corticosteroid emollients antihistaminic

It may be a case of acne rosecea., Treatment​ is tab tetracycline 250mg Twice a day, could be allergy if. He uses Any shaving cream or after save lotion.

@Dr. Raj Kumar Jatawat jatawat-seborrheic dermatitis

Tinea facei Rx: Tab fluconazole 400mg weekly for 6weeks Clotrimazole or lulliconazole cream for local application twice to thrice daily Tab Atarax 10mg od Tab ciplox 500mg bd for 7days

SEB. dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis. Systemic antifungals, antihistamines and topical anti fungal with steroid cream. Antifungal shampoo.

T facei

Diagnosis: Seborrheic dermatitis with dysseborrhea

Seb dermatitis

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