#ItsTime A 67 y/o female presented with a left palpable, fingertip-sized axillary mass that was found by palpitation during breast cancer screening. No breast mass or cervical lymph adenopathy was palpable. Her wbc and C-reactive protein levels were within normal limits. Screening mammography revealed no abnormalities in the breast or axilla. US showed unilateral multiple lesions, ovoid lymph nodes. What is diagnosis? Please explain.

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* MALIGNANCY ** Tubercular Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment.

Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Two posdibities. Lymphadenitis koch's .. Melignency.. Proceed for relevent investigations

Copd emphysema rt basal effusion for tapping cbnat axillary nodes


Family history of any malignancy taken.. FNAC or biopsy suggested

Possibly benign in origin like neural origin, Granular cell tumour, schwannoma. sebaceous cyst, epidermoid inclusion cyst.

It may be the lymph node in axilla found in USG. If there no lymph in breast in mammography so breast pathology does not come in mind. Other causes A. TB. Lymph node B. May be malignancy May be primary lymphoma may be Hodgkin or non Hodgkin May be secondary metastasis FNAC or excision biopsy followed by HPE may give proper diagnosis.

Do FNAC or biopsy for diagnosis

How was the mass, mobility, fixation, tenderness, and discharge or bleeding

Lymph node biopsy to be done to rule out Hodgkin's lymphoma

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