Joint pains after Keto diet & weight loss

22/y/o female with complaint of pain in B/L knee joints and feeling of weakness in B/l hands since 10 days. There is H/O Hypothyroidism since childhood. On inquiry the patient was apparently healthy but was overweight so she started Keto Diet 4 months ago. She has lost 5 kgs weight in past 4 months, but no has complaint of joint pains and sometimes notices increased hairfall. Prakriti Pitta kapha Agni madhyam bala Mala Sama - drava mala since 10 days Jihva sama


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Stop Taking Keto Diet. Yoga Pranayama Exercises are best for Weight loss Kanchanar Guggulu Medohar Guggulu Chitrakadivati Rumalaya Forte Tab Maharasnadiquath Ashwagandharishta Mahanarayan Taila Softly Abhyanga.

Keto Diet leads to Vata Vraddhi Vata Vraddhi leads to Joints Pain Advise for Janu Basti/Abhyanga If patient wants to follow the Keto diet then she must address the Vitiated Vata by External Application of Vata Shamak tailam and Abhyantara Aushadi to balance the vata


Tomatoes, pomegranates kalijeeri green leafy vegetables guava figs raisins apricots dates no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods not accepting the way life gives... contentment is continuous feast walk sunshine

Kachnar guggulu Medohar guggulu vati Chitrakadi vati Aswagandha churna Maharasanadi kwath Proper diet management Do yoga and meditation

Janu basti with murivena oil Full body abhyang with balaashvgandhadi and prasarni tailam Kanchnaar guggul Tab. Ashvganda Chitrakadhi vati Maharasnadi kwatham tablet

Ask to take diet proper... Eat more vitaminios fibrous foods, drink planty of water exercise, yoga... daily it will be helpfull

Ashwagandha churna Balamul kwath Rasnasptak kwath Kanchnar guguul Chiteakadi vati Yoga exercise helpful

Avoid keto diet Medohar guguul vati Mharasnadi kwath Ashwagandha churna Chandamblalakshadi tail for Abhyanga

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