Just now a covid pt expired in gandhi and pt attenders hit medicine resident doctor out there...... Police are afraid to come near the Corona ward. Patient was admitted with comorbidities in Gandhi isolation ward with covid -19 positive condition was critical since last 1 week developed severe ARDS expired today , patient attender slapped general medicine resident and break the window glasses, grill's. Quarantined patients who returned from the Delhi fiasco were shifted to Katuri medical college, Guntur and they started spitting on the doctors and the nursing staff. And these poor doctors are still working without any security from such bastards, and not even proper personal protection kits and masks. If any doctor acquires Corona, he/she can transmit it to many other patients before becoming symptomatic and diagnosed. It is a huge threat to the community by such behaviour, and urge the public to cooperate with the doctors and all medical staff, and also the Govt to provide the doctors proper security and protection against corona by providing masks and perosnal protection gear. Please circulate the message untill it reaches the higher authorities so they take care of the doctors who are risking their lives for the sake of community .



It's a problem since Long, if police is unable at this time, Milatory for security is only solution for Doctors or otherwise leave?

Disgusting and shameful


Very sad in this situation


A matter of pity.discouraging

Shame ... Stop performing duties in corona ward until govt provides you PPE and such pts should be avoided and warned strictly to stop non sense otherwise kicked out . Every time we are on the receiving end .. thankless and shameless pts do it repeatedly. Even god will never forget them for this acts.

Thanks Dr Agya Ram

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I think. We/de should stop treating such typ of patient. Specially who came from Delhi Markaz. Bcs they ar mental/frustrated bcs their aim has not completed

Its horrible....

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