It is a case of Suspected Lung Infection..

Just Recd info .I have not seen the case regarding a fem 35+Married 2 kids. Having Treatment for TB...Somebody is giving meds in a cover...The current situation is she has been told that her Lung capacity is only 25%.She is pure veg and has been told to take nonveg...Coaxing by fly, friends, she started eating eggs. I would appreciate if our Expert Curofians can throw more light on the causes of low lung capacity. What can be done to improve her health condition...What VEG DIET Can be supportive...As of now I have just adviced Goat milk with a dash of turmeric. To help combat hepatotoxicity of AKT.



Diet..Milk + dates( khajur fresh juice).Big bannana.Eggs..Cerals all spouted ( dip in water strain nextt day Tie the cerals in cloth it will get scouted next day.These dried cerals give us all vitamins.proteins etc.She needs more of protein diet..

Thank you doctor

Detailed case taking is needed.. Find out the syphylitic rubrics and prescribe according to that