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Kawasaki disease

2 yr and 6 month old male child with high grade continuous fever for 7 days with polyarticular arthritis, with body ache and tenderness of whole body, centrifugal blanching central blackened coalasing rash for 3 days. No organomegally, lymphadenopathy, active bleeding. soft palate normal and no sign of meningeal irritation painful severe tender progressive poly arthritis. vaccination uptodate chikungunia Ab -negative,widal test negative,CRP-33 mg/l,PBF-normochromic normocytic anemia with neutrophillic leukocytosis,no abnormal cell please help me dx and treat the pt



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Feature of incomplete Kawasaki disease !!

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Rashes seems to b urticaria. Dermographism. Crp is positive. Definitely sepsis is there. Reactive arthralgia. Well Felix test urine r/e n c/s blood c/s hb electrophoresis. Even Kawasaki can b considered. Though all the features are not present. Blood c/s will solve the puzzle.

Kawasaki dzs Rickettsial Idiopathic arthritis Urticarial vaculitis..... Send blood culture, urine routine,esr,ana,2d echo,creatinine,sgpt,weil felix test, test for s. Typhus.... Give ceftriaxone,doxycycline till final diagnosis available

Taxiem 0 50 mg dry syrup omnacortil syrup ibugesic syrup medomal 120 syrup

Arjit cap daily three Rumalaya liniment shecal 500 mg tab

Zixflam tab zicofer natural tab Evion 400 mg tablets

Kawasaki disease Rickettsial infection

? Kawasaki disease ?scrub typhus ?dengue haemorrhagic fever

Feature of incomplete Kawasaki disease !!

Rule out Even Anaphylactoid purpura

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