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keloid of four year case have recoverable with graphites 1m


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Rx Graphitis 1m/3dose once in 15 days

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Please post as discussion as question section has word limit no picture found here No local application can cure any internal disease- homoeopathy

I agree

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It will turn keloid after scar and Rx should be changes on symptoms some may get itching,burning or some may not get any symptoms so treatment will change doctor

Thiosinaminum, cs ,sil , causticum, cf ,callendulla , graph like medicines can work u may Prescribe after Differentiation

1.For dissolveing tissue Thiosinaminum.2=Old scar Acid flour.3.Bleeding scar Lachesis.4.Deep scar Causticum.


Thank you doctor

Rx Graphitis 1m/3dose once in 15 days

Thank you doctor

Pigmentation? Birth marks,keloid there are many possiblities

Already i posted with picture but it is not loaded in curofy.sorry. I try to Post it again.

Now any suggestions

Might be keloid if history of burn..but doesnt seem to be keloid..

Actually it is keloid.the patient may tried several doctors. Finally approached homeopathic. We have tried with graphites.let we Wait For some more time. Thank u for u suggestions doctor.

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