Khosta 2 virus

[27/09, 8:23 pm] DrSafatkhan(GOLD MEDALIST: The Khosta-1 and Khosta-2 viruses were discovered in bats near Russia’s Sochi National Park in 2020, and it initially appeared they were not a threat to humans, according to the study’s authors [27/09, 8:37 pm] DrSafatkhan(GOLD MEDALIST: American scientists believe that the Khosta 2 virus found in bats can enter humans. Scientists have discovered that the current vaccines are not effective against the virus. This has been stated in a research study published in the journal PLOS. (what is kosta virus 2) In 2020, the Khosta 2 virus was first detected in Russia. At the time, it was not known that this virus could enter humans. But later studies show that the virus can be a challenge for humans. Khosta 2 is a Sarbikovirus that belongs to the same type of corona virus. Scientists also pointed out that Khosta 1 does not enter the human body.

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Right now, there are groups trying to come up with a vaccine that doesn't just protect against the next variant of SARS-2 but actually protects us against the sarbecoviruses in general.

The researchers found that the recombinant binding domain produced by Khosta-2 can bind to the human ACE2 receptor, which allows it to enter cells. The viral pseudotypes were also resistant to both the serum from individuals who were vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 and the human monoclonal antibodies.

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