#Kidney Stones

• Friends today I am discusing about kidney stones. Renal stones are aggregates of crystals, proteins, and glycoprotein. Mostly it consists of calcium stones with oxalates, phosphates, etc. #Kidney Stone:Kidney stones can stay silent in one of the corners of the kidney for years, but when it produces symptom person can get one or more of the following symptoms:Severe pain in back and side which may radiate to lower abdomen, Pain during urination Dark colored urine Persistent urge to urinate Fever and chills Nausea and vomiting Causes of kidney stones: Family history of kidney stones Lack of fluids in the body Diet high in protein, salt Diabetes Obesity Disease conditions that cause urine to contain high levels of uric acid, oxalates, cystine Rubrics in Homeopathic Repertory Pain in the kidney region extending to bladder: Berb, Canth, Lyc, Sars, Solid Kidney Bladder: Pain left-sided: Benz-ac, Coloc, Pareir, Thuj Pain right-sided: Apis, Lyc, Mag-p, Sars Pain during urination: Canth, Puls, Senec Pain in the kidney with nausea: Canth, Ocimum, Seneca.



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