Knee Injury

22/y/o with pain in his right knee following a fall sustained at work. He was walking down a hill when his feet slipped and his right knee hyperflexed. The patient felt a “pop” in the knee as he fell and experienced immediate onset of pain and inability to bear weight. On physical examination, the patient is unable to extend his right knee. What can be done in this case?



It looks like superior patellar dislocation, orthopaedic opinion recommended.

Thank you Dr. Sahdev Ranawat

Cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval, ginger flaxseed oil for pain potatoes soaked overnight and drink water in the morning and then. Repeat until pain goes..., alkaline diet, drumstick soup,lime juice no processed or fermented foods

Start with Arnica 1m

Dx Tendon tear ?patella displaced up wards. Rx only surgical intervention

Orthopedic Surgeons Opinion Needed.

Patarlla dislocation

Dear Dr. Vinod Mahajan Sir, Advice for the case. Tab. Laxadi Guggulu. Dashanga Lepa.

Rx Arnica Mont 1m/3dose Rhustox30 tds MP6x KP6x tds

Rx Arnica , Symphytum.

Rx X_ ray of the knee Haldi 4 TSF + salt 1 1/2 TSF+ water make a paste,and lap the knee for 24 hours Tab Dolomed SR 1 BD X 3 days and SOS Tab Evion 200 mg 1 OD X 10 days Tab shalcal _ HD 1:OD X 10 days

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