Knee pain in the morning

Chief Complaint A 41 y/o female presents with the complaint of knee pain in the morning. She also noted knee pain while kicking football with her children & feeling of weakness in her right knee. History H/o ACL & meniscus injury in right knee playing football 20 years back. ACL was surgically reconstructed Investigations She is slightly overweight. Diagnosis What are the chances for her to develop OA? Treatment Advise the management.



At 41 yrs age related OA can start Rule out inflammatory arthritis too Ask history of instability MRI to assess present status Xray evaluation Analgesics Chymoral Diacerein will help Physiotherapy

Better is investigate My opd tell pt to make90 degree of knee jt if not able to flex it keep hand of knee if crackling sign it is oa osteoporosis If balance is disturbed or subluxation of jt or comeing down from staircase difficulties it is tear ligaments or meniscus problem Xray ap lateral of knee Mri of knee for perfect diagnosis


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