Cough with expectorant and short of breath Fever Fatigue Chest pain Chief Complaints Nausea High grade fever Cough with expectorant History H/o Pul. Koch's (Treatment taken ) Vitals BP 115/78 Temp 103 Pulse 135 RR 30 Management On conservative management Please suggest Dx and Rx

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In these times, First we should be aware of Covid19. Second, for relapse of Koch's Third, For COPD with Recurrent Bronchitis.

Rule out covid 19 infection 1st. Plan FOB BAL study to rule out Koch's relapse. Send sample for routine ADA CBNAAT Bacterial AFB ,culture sensitivity test


Lt firocavatory lesion P T B Ad CBNAAT Sputum exam RT PCR for COVID

Req. investigation and reports Rx Sitopaladi powder + honey Sanjivani vati 2tid sudarshan ghanvati 2tid SH 1bd

Adv sputum for AFB 3 samples CBNAAT COVID-19 RTPCR Routine blood investigations

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