Labor Pains

Chamomilla 30-3 drops, Coffea 30-3 drops, Glovils half drum - Mix these. After this, give 5-5 tablets as needed - after one hour. • Pulsatilla 30-1 drops, Sabina 3X - 1 drop, Siquel Cor 6-1 drops, Sugar of Milk-5 grains - mix them. This is a quantity. In this way, give one quantity each by half an hour. Dissolving this medicine in a cup of lukewarm water will be beneficial. By giving this way, the delivery will be easily done without any pain and the amla will be removed. • Cantharis Q - 5 drops, Viscum album 3X - 1 drop, water - 1 ounce - mix them. This is a quantity. After every half an hour give 1-1 quantity. This makes delivery easier.

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