50 yr old female presented with History of swelling of bilateral lower Limb since 2 yrs Now came to casualty with c/o Lacerated injury in left leg. Known history of HTN, DM, HYPOTHYROIDISM, SINCE 5 yrs on Rx DX &RX Plz.



Cellulitis setting in,in a case of DM, with other comorbidities.strict control of DM,limb elevation, correction of hypertension and hypothyroidism,wound dressing, antibiotics eg ceftriaxone.

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For laceràtion. Inj TT. Suture, ASD and antibiotics. BL swelling looks like ? elephantiasis. Tab albendazole 400mg for 14 days. And diethycarbamazine 6mg/kg/day for 12 days. Control htn, DM and prescribe proper dose for hypothyroidism.

Elephantiasis Cellulitis Hypothyroidism Myxedema Lymphedema Stasis edema Cleaning and wound dressing Antibiotics Ceftriaxone

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Lymhhoedema Stasis oedema Elephentaisis With wound

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Cellulitis ? D V T ? Suggest. Lim elevation. Diabetes care. Dressing. Tab. Linid 600 mg bd Tab. Tolpa D sos.