ladt 45 yrs old,,,, sick since 2 -3 days,, and got swelling over arm with firstly boils,,,,,tlc 15000,,she is non diabetic,,,not on regular RX,,,



It is a case of severe cellulitis of the arm.with necrosis of the skin following the spread of infection from the boil.The high TC look of the arm suggests that the patient is going in to septicaemia.

this is a case of cellulitis. go for colour doppler aggressively treat her with broad spectrum antibiotics adv tab.augmentin 625mg tds tab linzolid 600mf bd tab zerodol sp tds add ppi also

I agree with Dr Sahil's opinion. Also get pus / fluid culture sensitivity

Do check daily for pulse in this limb...sometimes compartment syndrome may develop that can lead to gangrene

Pyoderma with cellulitis inj amikacin aug625 tds oint fucidin cellulitis part epsom salt

cellulitis requires iv higher antibiotics

take xray of the affected limb and exclude fb . Remove fb if seen continue iv antibiotics other supportive measures.ramkrishnan

cellulitis with necrotizing facitis. Local dressing with sumag, drain the pus if associated, Tab Amoxiclav 625 TDS, Tab Diclo+ PCM + serratiopeptidase TDS , Cap Clindamycin 300 BD, cap pant+ Dom OD/ AC .


Cellulitis....progressing to NSTI Requires broad spectrum higher antibiotics + If abscess drain + Limb elevation


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