Lamellar ichthyosis - kushtharog

Lamellar ichthyosis (LI) is an autosomal recessive disorder that is apparent at birth and is present throughout life. The newborn is born encased in a collodion membrane that sheds within 10-14 days. The shedding of the membrane reveals generalized scaling with variable redness of the skin.Jun please suggest me treatment



Thickning Of skin in Ayurvesda comes under kushtharog. 1-Mahamarichyaaditel Or Jatyaaditel for local app. 2-GandhakRasayan 1tid. 3-Arogyavardhanivati 1tid. 4-kaishoreguggul 1tid. 5-Nimbadichoorn 3 To 6 grm bd along with swarna garick 250mg. 6-Panchtiktaghritguggul 2tid can be used individually. 7-Khadirarishta or Mahamangisthadyarist 3tfsbd along with sarivadyasav May present good Result

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In homeo hydrocotyle is use full with some lifestyle modification like after bath apply veseline with vit e mix capsule and wear a hand and foot gloves so moisture stay. Give multivit so deficiency can be treated and at last when skin looks almost clear after one month treatment give Lycopodium 1m one dose will relieve the symptoms. It is a such kind of disease that u can't complitly cure the case but with medicine and life style modification she can live normal life without skin scaling

Graphitis 200 Sulfar 1m Net mur 30

Sir please post after results..

Lachesis or any snake group remedy may be helpful more detail case taking is required

Good priscription

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I have same case it will recover almost 80 percent with homeopathy

Lachesis 10m after detail of case taking

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