Large left Cerebellar Infarct

63year old Patient came to opd with complaints of swaying to the left side , vertigo , vague headache , Tandem walking positive , all other examination within normal limits. Patient is taking tab ecospirin since 20 years Did a MRI brain and found this , How do you manage the case ?



What about onset, duration , progression ?? Risk factors,? why pt taking ecosprin for 20 years it means since 43 years of age?? Is there any cardiac pathology ?? MRI finding suggesting ischemia in left PCA territory. Need to further evaluation for etiology and appropriate 2ndry prophylaxis.

Ischemic infarction left superior cerebellar artery .Check for risk factors,Start antiplatelets,neuroprotective,statin,physio with gait training, anti-vertigenous med

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