Renal and ureteric calculi

largest renal and ureteric calculi approximately size 14mm,13mm,and 6mm all are removed by Homeopathic treatment



I don't have much knowledge about homeopathy, but diameter of the stone is more important and not the length of the stone.if the diameter is less than 4mm and even if the lenth is much more,I feel the chances of passing it are bright.what is needed is more urination.once the stone comes into bladder if it rests there the size can increase there also .A bigger stone from the bladder has got better chances to be excreted giving a false impression that a big stone has passed.we need to be rational in our calculation of size at the start and at the end of passing it before drawing conclusions.

may be it naturally come out

I have highest record of 19 mm. Got off after 3 months.

Very good job

name of medicine

good job... i m also using regularly homeo med fr renal calculi.. i hve got best result upto 8-9 mm

Very good

which remedies were given?

berberis vulgaris can be used

which medicine

without med its very difficult to come out more than 10 mm naturally

if the pathway is structured,, they may get obstruct if the size is more than 11mm

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