Late 30s y/o male meth user, admitted for AKI and rash, develops acute CP, diaphoresis, bradycardia, SOB and the following ECG. Cardiac #Catheterization is 100% normal. LV gram normal. Vitals stable. Pain unremitting with morphine. What's the DDx??!

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Prinzmetal angina Get echo done

As a cath is normal so D / D Prinzmetal Angina Dynemics lysis of clot Myopericarditis Echo needs

Get d history of iv use of drugs Infective endocarditis may lead to vasoactive spasm Check echo Crp Blood culture Repeat echo after 15 days If he is iv drug user

Ecg changes are typical of stemi inferior wall and coronary arteries are normal ,what are different possibilities , cardiology peoples can throw light on the issue because it's seen occasionally in real cardiac practice

Sometimes Aortic Dissection can present with similar ECG findings ST Elevation in inferior (2,3,AVF with depressions in I,AVL


Heart block with bradycardia with inferior wall infarction

Coronary artery vasospasm Prinzmetal angina

COronary artery spasm Prinzmental angina

Acute inf wall MI

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