Left lower jaw swelling

A 49 y/o female presented with a new onset of left lower jaw swelling associated with the left lower lip and chin paresthesia. A clinical exam showed teeth 33 & 34 with 1+ mobility and 33 with 2+ mobility. A CBCT was performed and showed a large radiolucency. This swelling shows buccal expansion and teeth are moving apart. What is the diagnosis and management of the case?



Central giant cell Granuloma nonneoplastic lesion slow-growing lesions nonsurgical methods radiotherapy, daily calcitonin injections, intralesional corticosteroid injections, and interferon alpha surgical excision either by curettage

Diagnosis: Central Giant cell Granuloma. Treatment: Curettage and Secondary Curettage often required for elimination of the disease!

Definitely CGCG .. it requires curettage.. primary and secondary..

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