Left Ovarian Cyst with Renal Calculi

A 15 year old female presented to OPD after taking opinion from several doctors in a span of last 4 to 5 months Chief Complaints Her complaints have been pain in lower abdomen area, which is constant and increase sometimes esp evenings when she has to take diclofenac injections History She has had history of Dysuria on 8th Dec which resolved after short course of Nitrofurantoin She still adds to having mild dysuria with increased frequency of urination, and whitish discharge too P/V Diagnosis I have advised her to undergo a Urine R,M,CS as well as a CBC Management Best analgesic to tackle her pain? Antispasmodics/NSAIDs/Opioids Antibiotics to start her on for left Ovarian Cyst and P/V whitish discharge?



- Such small Calculi neither require any treatment nor cause such recurrent symptoms as stated - Rule out Renal Tuberculosis , go for Urine Culture for AFB (21 days) - TB PCR - Treat accordingly

Likely a c/o PID as there is h/o vaginal discharge Usg findings do not support the history Local vaginal examination to r/o vulvovaginitis or cervicitis and to treat the same with Antibiotics Antifungals orally as well as locally If you are convinced of pain is due to renal calculi which are small and nonobstructive Ovarian cyst is also insignificant Better opinion of gynaecologist will be helpful For dysurea and pid Cefixime+ofloxacin 1bd Flucanazole200mg 1od Alkalisers Local pessaries or oint Antispasmodics i will use meftalspas

Small and tiny renal calculi do not need any treatment, they are too small to cause any symptoms Dysuria is predominant symptom Please do post void residue on sonography Large post void residue is important cause of dysuria Kindly request urine routine and culture

For Dysuria or urine pathology, urine culture and sensitivity. Calculi is small, no treatment, Plenty of liquids and alkalizers For ovarian cyst and Leucorrhoea Give Lukol 2 tab BD Ciplox 500 od M2tone syp Anti spasmodic spasmodic

OVARIAN CYST + Calculus - USG Reports attached i suggest you is first you treat Renal stones with Chandraprabha vati 2 tds and Gokshuradi guggulu 2 tds both are half an hour before food. continue for 40 days, then ask to go for USG. After the completion of this treatment then start treatment for Ovarian cyst - Pushpadhanwa ras 2 bd (250-500mg) after food and Kanchanara guggulu 2 bd (1 gm) before food on empty stomach. initially for 40 days then review with USG if the condition still persists continue for 2 more months.

Hello , no treatment needed for such small calculi give her syrup alkasol 2tsf bd with glass of water, it will take care of her dysuria. Give tab doxycycline 100mg bd for 10 days along with vitamin C .. this will take care her discharge p/v. If her discharge persist give her candid vaginal pessary for 3 nights. For pain best is tab dicyclomine 1 bd

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Tab cystone, Varunadi kwath, Chandraprabha vati, gokshuradi guggal, Norflox -TZ helpful in renal calculi.lots of water..Syp Alkasip. Left Ovarian cyst small cyst goes untreated otherwise surgery..

It is a case of pcod, renal calculas and pid So for pid you can give her vdm kit For renal calculi you maybgive tab cystone 2-0-2.and stp nerri 5ml bd. Tab. Zerodol spasm sos

First treatment given for ovarian cyst with treatment of Dysuria। Harmonal therapy given for cyst Tab urikind TDS Tab nifnext sr bd Syp alkasol 20ml tds with 1glass of water Tab drotin tds

It's infected cyst , Tab zenflox oz bd Tab pantop 40 mg bd Tab rutoheal d bd Tab drotin tds Cap ranifol od Syp femikush 10ml bd 15days

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