Lesion on face

3 year old male baby with this type of lesion slight pain no discharge burning++ more with heat, night relieved with washing face normal delivery history Vaccination on time No other health issues, no restriction for nasal breathing from both nares. Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- sweet stool, urine- normal Plz tell Diagnosis and management?


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Fungal infection Septilin Syrup 5 m.l. Safi Syrup 5 m.l. Neem Face Wash. Local Application of Cutis Cream.

Dx: Cracked skin around nostrils, usually seen in kids as they the habit of putting finger in nostrils. Rx 1. Charmarogari Oint. Or shatadhout ghrita @Meenakshi Bisht

फंगल इंसफैकसन है। Quadidram cream for local application

Nitric acid 200

Rx Sulphur.

Saarivadyasav Evenshade cream Balaamritam Manjistha tablet

Gun pawdar 30 Sulphur 6

Causticum 30 (2) dose bd

Sulphur 30

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