Lets start the discussion about a drug Its Madan phala Latin name : Randia spinosa Poir. Family : Rubiaceace Guna : Laghu, Ruksha Rasa : Kashay, Madhur, Tikta, Katu Vipaka : Katu Veerya : Ushna Prabhav : Vaman So the question is how Madan phala causes Vaman? Please give your valuable view about its Prabhav karma. Thank you.



It stimulate gastric mucosa along with stimulation of vagus nerve n sympathetic nerve, so these nerve fibres causes stimulation of vomiting centre present in brain n leads to reflex emesis..This is nothing but prabhav karm of Madanphal along with salt yastimdhu fant n warm water...that leads to emesis.

This is scientific reason..evidence based.

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The Phamacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic of Madan phala and all Vaman dravyas. 1) Ushna : With this quality, vaman dravyas liquefy the doshas. 2) Tikshna : With this quality, sticky doshas are separarted from strotas. 3) Sukshma : Because of this quality, medicine can reach up to minute channels (Strotas) in the body and perform their function. 4) Vyavayi : Easily distributing, because of this quality, medicine don't need to go through the 1st pass metabolism. Its action starts right from its entrance in the body. Hence vaman drug acts rapidly. 5) Vikasi : This quality helps to spread the medicine and deatruct binding between the particles of impure doshas. These medicines have agni and vayu mahabhuta predominance.

Thank you sir . .. I am waiting for your next case. .... I will try. ...

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For vaman madam phal majja is used in a quantity of antarnak musthi of the patient It's is urdhav bhag har of dosha Large quantity of madan phal during vaman cause cramp and it won't stop till all the medicine come out during vaman Shows very good result if used wisely

Got it all the Vamak dravya a are usna virya with tikshna and sookhma goona they are vyavayi and Vikasi and they have Agni and Vayu mahabhut Pradhan in them hence they go urdhvagami and promote Vaman I think the vyavayi and Vikasi Guna is important in madanphal action due which it acts by prabhav

So what about Chitrak ...its having Agni vayu mahabhoot ,ushna ,vayai vikasi gun..but it is having Sangrahi karm ..as its Prabhav karm?? What about Pearl ...it is having Cooling effect in body as its Prabhav karm? What about Guduchi ..it cure Vatarakta due to its Prabhav ??

Chitraka also do vaman and virechan in excessive dose...and it is also garbhashaya sankochaka (Uterine contraction) due to this garbhapaat is occurs within 3 to 6 hours.

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Actually I think due to ushna virya and laghu ruksha Guna once the Madan phal is consumed it promotes the disha of saman and Udan Vayu in urdhva direction also I think we have to consider the active ingredient in the madanphal which helps in precipitating this action hence all the doshas along with the contents in the gi tract are expelled out through vomitus also it's laghu Guna and ushna virya help in removing all the doshas from sukshma strotas also hence taking in to consideration all these factors it acts as a good Vamak dravya by its prabhava

Just i want to say that Prabhav karm of any dravya is unpredectable ...its beyond our Imagination n Reasoning power...Its all due to its prabhava..as it is not working due to its Ras virya gun vipaka...its unpredectable prabhav karm.

But previously mam you said that the active ingredient helps in vaman...but the active ingredients of madan phala doesn't help in vaman karma...its only due to its Vikasi and Vyavayi guna...Agni and Vayu mahabhut pradhanya properties

Til also have the same rasa like madanphala madhur, tikta, katu but til is not vamak...why madanphala or any vamak dravyas do vaman...what is unique quality in the vamak dravyas????

And how they stimulate the nerves?????

Yes you are right Dr. Swati mam...Sorry for the pic...so everyone ignore the pic and concentrate on the question...Thank you

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