Leucorrhoea with Flatulence

32 yrs, female complaint of 1. leucorrhoea - discharge- whitish, clotted, offensive before menses, 2. Flatulence- better by eructations 3. hairfall with dandruff menses- normal, cycle- normal no associated complaint with menses All generals are normal Desire- spicy things, salty things Aversion- no Mentally she gets angry at trifles likes to be alone consolation aggravates she is doing job in a MNC Cries rarely Bold personality Suggest Rx Doctors




Nat mure is the similimum Most of the symptoms like leucorrhoea, hair falls with dandruff, consolation aggravate indicates Nat mur


shwet pradra pradarari rasa pradrantak loh pushyanug choornam prawal pishti kamdhudha rasa wang bhasam syp. patrangasava triphla decoction for local rinsing of effected area.

Nature affecting gyneacparts and liver....needs to go on vacation...to rest to calm down her temper...that will improve her health....healthy marital life.... nature improves all ailments gone....to clean with hot water....not accepting the way life is...shows dandruff...less of salt no iodized salt...rock salt... beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages and saunf carrots pomegranate.muskmelonboiled diet....corn, ginger little garlic.... walnuts blue berries sunshine walk prayers...cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice..under strict supervision and mgmt of Doctor

Take proper history Ask for any contraceptive use Do per vaginal examination for any internal cause Pushanug churna with tandulook bd Avilpattikar churna bd Needs panchakarma treatment as well Then slight white discharge before menses is normal

First of all maintain proper hygiene... Use v wash gel.. Avoid junk and fast foods Tab.triphala BD Tab. Chanderaprabha vati Bringhraj tail Supari pak...

Tab Lukol, Chandraprabha vati, Wash the local area with alum, pushyanuga churna Dhanwantaram kashaya, Dhanvantari vati, Gasex tab or syrup Durdurapatradi keram

Tab lukol, Supari Pak, pushya nag churna,syp Evecare,tab Chewcal, godanti bhasm,for Leucorrhoea. Bringhraj tail, coconut oil, trichup oil, Triphala churna, amalki rasayan, ketocanozole scalp shampoo, Rason vati, lavanbhaskar churna, Sitopaladi churna, abhyarisht , Amalpitatank vati for flatulence..

Carbo veg 30 tds

Rx Lycopodium

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