leukorhoea in 25 yr old female unmarried kindly suggest treatment please



Ask for type of white discharge. If curdy go for CAP candistat200 m&s bd for 2 days followed by tab go can 150 meekly once for4wks. If mixed infection.go for tab flagyl 400 mg TID. Ask for any history of sexual contact. Tab doxycycline DT for1 5 days. Anti inflammatory if pain. Or clindamycin for 7 days. Or start of antibiotics if severe PID.

It might be simple. Vaginitis due to. Altered vaginalpH due to stress&strain we. Should rule out sexual contact. Even not having any itching. Like symptoms 1 local. Hygiene 2.loose. Cotton inners 3 plenty of oral fluids. 4 fruit juice &coconut water. Rich. Electrolytes 5.Finally. Antibiotic or anti fungal if having itching. &soreness 6 local. Boric acid powder or. Clotrimazole powder to keep. The. Parts. Dry.

Better to add iron calcium supplement

Unmrried girl Sympathetic approach to collect h/o exposure If no - might be physiological discharge If yes Greenish - Tricomonas Thick Curdy - Candidial Treat accordingly if Suspect PID ? it wan't be only Lucorrhoea


History insufficient In unmarried girl normal vaginal dischage is confused with leucorrhea. If she not hv any symptoms like itching, erythema, foul smelling .only assurance is required. And detailed history of leucorrhea and timing of lecorrhea i. e. After ovulation /or just after menstruation suggest normal vaginal discharge for that only assurance is necessary.

25 yrs old female first ask her if she sexually active though unmarried, type of discharge, foul smell, itching etc.Treatment should be mixed that is trichomonas and candida. Flagyl200mg thrice for 5 days.fluconazole or itraconazole.Clotrimazole cream for local application.

It can be physiological if the pt is not having any sexual contact..requires counselling. To keep the private parts clean correction of nutritional deficiency . just presence of fluid in the pelvis is not a sign of PID..there should be pain fever tenderness in pelvic organ. fluid indicates ovulation also

I agree with Dr. Gopala Vanaja madam

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Please send gram stain bacterial and fungal culture.know exact organisms and sensitivity and then treat.

Agree with @Dr. Gopala Vanaja

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Oleanzepam 2.5mg at bed time, Becosule-z 1×1for 15 days

Agree with dr Gopala
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