Often, lice are found in the head of every person. Mostly, they are found in a person’s head but sometimes they are found on the skin and pubes also. Lice survive by sucking the blood of their host. Cause: Lice often grow due to dirt in the head. They also originate in the heads of those persons who don’t take bath daily and do not wash their head properly. Beside it, a person may be the victim of lice if he lives or uses the articles of those persons who suffer from lice already. Symptoms: A person should consider that lice are present in his body if he suffers from such symptoms like- excessive itching at the place of their habitat, rough and red skin due to itching, scratching anywhere on the way due to lice and scratching rapidly at night while sleeping. Use of different medicines to get rid of lice: 1. Staphysagria: If a person suffers from lice in the head or genitals, rub 2-3 spoons of the mother tincture of Staphysagria on the affected part. Besides it, Staphysagria 30 can be also given to the patient to take. Follow this treatment for 2-3 times a week to kill lice and its larva (eggs). 2. Lycopodium: If there are lice at any part of the skin in the body, the use of Lycopodium 30 ends them. 3. Psorinum: If there are lice in the head, the patient should take Psorinum 200 or Carbolic acid 3-30 for killing them. 4. Bacillinum: If lice are grown due to tuberculosis, the use of Bacillinum 200 provides much relief. A person should follow these precautions to keep away lice as- Take bath properly everyday. Hairs should be washed with good (quality) shampoo 3-4 times a week. Genitals should be cleansed (washed) properly while taking bath. Pubes should be cut regularly. Keep distance from such persons who are the victim of lice and talk to them with appropriate distance. Don’t use comb, clothes, brush and other things of those persons who are the victim of lice.



Thanks Doctor Saheb for your valuable information... not accepting the way life is.... this causes a disturbed brain capable of all ailments with the brain annd subsequently to the whole body. Also in the form of dandruff....acne.... mucoid plaque..

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