Looking at the picture what can be the problem? Left hand is paralysed. What should be the treatment and chances of recovery?



Looks like ERBS PALSY. Rule out clavicular fracture. but y the child has oedema of the hands n feet ?? Neurologically normal child ?? Any other features of Turner syndrome ?? If it's an isolated erbs palsy 90% of times it should improve by one year. Prevent contractures by all means Try CONSTRAINT INDUCED MOVEMENT THERAPY ( CIMT).

erb's palsy?i doubt. it does not look like a straightforward case. Rt limb also seems to be affected. what are deformities of feet? can you pls post closer images. i expect it to be some syndromic affection.

Dx Erbs palsy etiology? Birth asphyxia take a ortho opinion Do Physiotherapy

NEEDS more clear PROFILE pictures, with brief History.

Dr Yadav the feet appear to have been just out of plaster and there appears to be a scar along the posterior aspect of left leg. Please post the entire clinical history and sensory motor charting.

Brachial Palsy.

Erbs palsy) treatment Electrical stimulator give to specific motor point. Pnf...And stretching of shoulder;elbow and wrist.

Rt.erbs palsy Physiotherapy good prognosis

I beg to differ Looks like a syndromic child even feet looks small n chubby. Left limb is not just paralysed but looks shorter to me .. erbs late cases do have sm shortening but not so early ..

Erb's Palsy...

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