Low dose Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists (Spiron- 12.5/25) given along with SGLT2 Inhibitors?


Possibility of elevation in S.Pottasium level. .And SGLT 2 can in rare case cause reduce S.Sodium and electrolyte. To keep this in mind. Better option is MRA..


Thanx@dr.dinesh gupta sir ji

Combination of drugs causes Hyperkaelemia Benefit is their in hypertension & heart failure

MRAcan be used

Thanx dr Askar Alii

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I usually avoid torsemide, furosemide etc with SGLT 2. Let me know your experiences with MRA with SGLT2, as MRA is a diuretic too.

Dear dr Ajeet Singh No harm in using MRA with SGLT2I only monitoring of hyperkalemia as Sglt2i do cause hyponatremia and MRA are known for potassium sparing so be careful

Can be given with potassium binder

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