Lymphoblastic lymphoma case

Chief Complaint A 41 year old female presents with severe headache and left hemiplegia. History She has h/o a lymphoblastic lymphoma with CNS involvement. She underwent bone marrow transplantation 10 years back. Now she presents with headache & left hemiplegia. Investigations MRI brain shows a gross mass in the right temporal lobe. Treatment How should we proceed with the case? What is the prognosis of the case? What is the rate of recurrence?


History of lymphoblastic lymphoma treated with BMT 10 years ago. She has now intracranial mass ,right temporal region ,causing hemiplegia . Needs MRI angio , / PET CT , biopsy from the mass , to find out whether this is recurrence of lymphoblastic lymphoma or different malignancy . Steroids ,antiedema measures , anti seizure medications suggested

Recurrence or metastatic lesion please gi for oncologist & neurosurgeon opinion for further treatment and management

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