Lypoma or Tuberculosis ?

Swelling at neck region since 4-5 months prominent patient i having multiple lypoma on body since 15years History of weight loss Typhoid malaria positive 3 months ago No history of typhoid and malaria right now Mantoux Negative Typhoid Negative Malaria Negative Dx and RX ?



Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Rx Coniummet 200 Weekly 1dose X1month =4dose. 1month after Do Medicine 1.m. Monthly 1dose X2month. Wait till 3month. *Cale Flour 6X Up to 200X.



Any tuberculosis node?

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constitutional medicine will be effective...

I think adv. FNAC

Medohar vati 2tab x BD Arogyavardhini vati 2tab x BD Kanchnar guggulu 2tab x BD Chitrakadi vati 2tad x BD Mahamanjisthadi kadha 20ml x BD with 20ml water Anupan warm water

I think you should advice FNAC for this nodular swelling

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