m 15 years with multiple joint pain and sweeling fever body ache from 5 days o/e bp 110/70 pulse 110 temp 102 ekg attached plz suggest dds

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ECG is showing only tachycardia. As young man is having high grade fever and joint pain + swelling + bodyache, it's possibilly Viral affection like Dengue / Chikunguniya. Treat as one, get Serology to confirm/ exclude Dengue / Chikungunya. Also screen for Ac Rheumatic fever and monitor Platelets daily. An Echo also. Moderate treatment accordingly.

Sinus tachycardia.tachycardia is due to fever, joints pain and swelling may be due to viral fever dengue,chikungunia .

Ecg is WNL for his age Ruled out Rheumatic fever

Pr interval is 130ms. Rest ecg looks normal. Rule out viral causes like dengue, chikungunya.. Any other evidence of carditis should be evaluated for...

Today i got cbc Platelet count is very low I think its dengue sir Thnx

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Prolonged PR interval with bifid P wave

Prolonged PR interval with bifid P wave

Rh fever fevers exclude

Rheumatic fever.Treat with pencilling and high doses of salycilates.

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