M.20 Right chest pain and rhinitis--2days. Decreased breath sounds right lower hemithorax.



Infiltration right para hilar and RLZ with blunting of right CP angle and ?subpulmonic effusion. Likely Tubercular.

Rt CP angle obliterated.. Pleural Effusion RMZ infiltrates...tubercular

Right lower zone infiltrates with blunt cp angle..likely tubercular

right sided synpneumonic effusion

Rt sided pe with pneumonitis

Rt.plural effusion

Blunting of right cp angle with rt lower zone haziness s/o ? Rt lower lobe pneumonitis with synpneumonic effusion.

Rt cp angle is obscured air entery dimnished and h/o pain chest most likely thickened pleura

Edited ie dry pleurisy

Obliterated rt costophrenic angle suggestive of rt pleural effusion

Rt pleural effusion with paracardiac infiltration. Rule out T B.

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